Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bible Study

     I finally got a Tuesday off and found time to go to Bible study. I feel so out of everything when I miss this group. If  I have to miss church on Sunday I feel a double whammy of  feeling out of everything.  I just had to be around like minded people ie Christians. I didn't care if I knew about what was happening in the study part. Just being there and the feeling of belonging was what I needed.

     As usual, and I mean that in a good way, it was amazing. We learned about the joy of the Lord. Being joyful and laughing. Everyone needs to fill up with joy to overflowing. Leaking all over everyone and sharing your joy is awesome.

     There were two times that this farmers heart was visible. One friend mentioned my passion for agriculture and when the question of cultivation was brought up, I was asked for a definition. Thanks Lord for my heart of a farmer and the opportunity to share it.

     Joy, overflowing, leaking and farming....what more could one want?