Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Right Place At The Right Time


                                                       The Right Place At The Right Time

Last week I planned to  meet my friend, Bev, at the Drayton library. She needed some help with
her email. Joanne, one of the librarians, greeted me at the front desk. As we chatted, a lady walked in the front door, carrying a box. She set the box down on the desk and opened the flaps to reveal some baby chicks.

I'm sure my eyes lit up and the smile on my face got bigger when I saw the chicks. Joanne asked if I would take ten minutes of my time and help with the chicks. The March Break Children's program was about to begin.

Ten minutes. I'd take ten hours or even ten days if she wanted me to. I shared with the children and adults present, how to handle a chick and how to put a chick to sleep. Because of all the commotion, the chick had no interest in sleeping. Some of the children were uncomfortable with the
chicks but soon started petting and handling the chicks. A great experience for non farm children.

Ten minutes flew by and the chicks were placed back in the box. Their intended destination was Joanne's house. She was pleased to be starting her next crop of chicks.

The right place at the right time...I am so thankful for those moments and hope to experience a lot more of them.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bringing Heaven To Earth

                                              Bringing Heaven To Earth

I was thrilled when my friend, Heather, agreed to an interview about her charity. Heather, her husband Dean and friend Terri Ferris started a charity to help people with special abilities. The goal of the charity is to raise funds to help with the purchase of special equipment, therapy and recreational items.

The Rural Route, so kindly published my story. It has brought an awareness of what the charity is all about  to the area the magazine covers. If anyone needs any further information on the charity the contact information is