Monday, 25 August 2014

Keepers of the Land-Book Review

                                                  Keepers of the Land-Book Review

My grandkids gave me a copy of this book for a birthday gift this year. They know me too well.

Keepers of the Land is written by Carl Hiebert & Deb Cripps. The sub title of the book is A Celebration of Canadian Farmers. Published locally in 2007 by Gifts of Wings Publishing, Linwood, Ontario.

Inside the front cover is an animated map of Canada with farm related drawings, scattered from the east coast to the west coast.  Written on the front flap is," If you farm, you'll love this book. If you eat, you will be amazed by this book. If you care about the future, you must read this book."

The 168 pages of the book contain stunning photos of farms and farm families all across Canada. A short story about each farm accompanies the photos. Hiebert and Cripps begin their journey with Story #1  in Barriere, BC. The final story Cows and Quota, comes from Vermilion Bay, Ontario.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will display it proudly on my book shelf.

Thank you to Xaiden and Aria (my grandkids) for allowing me to enjoy Canadian farming across this vast country  I call home.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Brink

My passion seems odd
Bank barns get my nod

A camera's swift click
Seems to do the trick

A perfect shot,  I think
Brings me to the brink

The thrill of the find
History on my mind