Monday, 27 January 2014


     "Why don't we embrace snow days for exactly what they are; a rite of passage, a part of being Canadian. The snow day should be put on a stamp."
                                    Rick Mercer                    

                                                           Snow Day

Another snow day in Wellington County. One of many since winter started. Its a true Canadian winter this year. Plenty of snow, wind and ice. Temperatures hovering below normal. Wind chill
factors pushing temperatures lower.

As Canadians our lives center around the weather. Its one of the first topics mentioned in conversations after greetings have been exchanged. On most occasions we grumble about
the weather. Its too cold, too snowy or too windy. We never seem to be satisfied.

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Spend some time outdoors enjoying its
beauty on our next snow day. It only lasts a few months so take advantage of the opportunity
every chance you get.

Why not embrace snow days like Rick Mercer suggests. They are a rite of passage and part
of being Canadian.  The snow day on a stamp? Why not....its Canadian!


Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Rare Find Bank barns dotted the landscapes of my childhood. Family farms consisted of a home, bank barn, shed/workshop and 100 acres. Over the years farming has changed and bank barns are no longer a necessary part of the farm. Most bank barns have not been maintained and in a state of disrepair have collapsed or been taken down. I was privileged to tour this bank barn. The previous owners were hobby farmers and chose to maintain the barn to its current state. Walls, floors and beams were all replaced with new lumber making it structurally sound. A few horses were kept downstairs, with hay and straw stored upstairs. The current owner is undecided on the use of the barn as he is a cash crop farmer with a full time job off the farm. As I tour the barn's upstairs, the swing rope and wooden ladders, remind me of simpler times. The smell of hay and straw fills my nostrils with a sweet aroma. Somewhere downstairs a barn door bangs against a door frame as a gust of wind catches it. Water drips from a tap into the water trough. A pigeon coos from a beam in the middle of the barn. A rusty hammer left years ago hangs on a bent nail. Left by weathered hands in days gone by. My finger tips become cold as I snap photos with my camera. I shed a single tear for times gone by and smile for the future. The bank barn, a piece of history and a rare find.

                                                                 A Rare Find

Bank barns dotted the rural landscape in my childhood years. Family farms consisted
of a bank barn, house, small shed/workshop and 100 acres of land. Over the years farming
has changed. The need for bank barns has decreased. Most barns have not been
maintained and have fallen down or have been taken down. 

I was blessed to tour the inside of this barn. Over the years the owners
replaced beams, walls and floors with new lumber. This allowed the barn to remain
structurally sound and usable today. The previous owners were hobby farmers. They
boarded a few horses on the bottom level and stored hay and straw in the upper level.
The new owner is undecided on the use of the barn as he is a cash crop farmer with
full time employment off the farm.

I treasure the time I spent inside this barn. The rope swing and  wooden ladders reminded
me of a time gone by. Loose doors banged against their frame each time the wind blew.
The smell of hay and straw tickled  my nose. Fresh air filled my lungs. My toes grew cold
inside my insulated boots. Precious memories flooded my mind. A single tear ran down
my cheek. A tear for a past life. A smile for  new beginnings and what the future holds
for this rare find.

Monday, 20 January 2014

                                                          Who Would Have Thought

I never dreamed that gravity wagons would be the highlight of my blog posts. I drove by the field
that had the gravity wagons in it from a previous blog.There was one lonely wagon in
the middle of the field. It may have a flat tire or may be just wasn't needed this past harvest.
It got me thinking about how much I miss seeing those wagons.

This morning as I gaze out my kitchen window at the farm next door I realize there is a row
of gravity wagons lined up by the shed. How could I possibly have missed them? Maybe it was
the poor visibility due to blowing snow or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. There they are
all lined up in a row.

I put on my insulated coveralls, big green boots, heavy mittens and toque. With my
camera in my pocket I climb threw the snowdrifts on my country property to the fence
line. Even though my camera is small I manage to get a photo. Its a cold walk back to
the warmth of my house but the sunshine is beautiful.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


                                                                My New Ride (I Wish)

I really enjoy seeing any type of farm machinery in my daily travels. Whether its in the
fields, on the road or parked like this one in a horse and buggy parking space in Elmira.
I was fumbling with my flip phone trying to get a picture of the tractor and
didn't even notice my daughter get out of her vehicle and walk up to me. I was so
into the tractor as MF is my favourite tractor. Its a common occurrence to see tractors
parked in Elmira. I wanted a photo of this one to post on my Facebook page.
"Muther, you didn't even notice me did you?" my daughter questioned.
I had to admit to her I didn't. She knows how technologically impaired I am so she
whips out her I-phone, takes a photo and tells me she'll send it to me. She's on her
way back to work so I thank her and say I'll talk to her later.
My mind gets one crazy thought going threw it.  I would love to own a
tractor like this and drive it to town to do my banking, eat a quick lunch and go back
to my farm and work for the rest of the day. What a wonderful thought and maybe, just
maybe, some day that will happen.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

                                                    Keep Me Going

I snapped this photo last summer on my daily bike ride. I love the fact that there are
more than one or two gravity wagons in one place. The wagons are on a hill. That's
why the picture looks like it is tipped. I knew  the wagons wouldn't be there
for long as harvest time was just around the corner.

Each day I looked for the wagons as the summer progressed. By mid August they
were gone. Out in the fields being loaded with wheat and hauled to the farm or
feed mill for storage or sale.  My bike ride wasn't the same after that but I
had the pleasure of watching the combine harvest the soybean field in this
photo. My farmer's heart was happy for one more day.

 As I pass by this area on my commute from work I enjoy the winter season
 with its snow covered fields- a time of rest. I equally enjoy spring with its
 new beginnings, summer with crops growth and fall with the harvest season.

Its the little things in life that count. The ones I look forward to every day.
The things that keep me going.


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ag More Than Ever

                                                   Ag More Than Ever

In the fall of 2013 I attended the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario. I try to avoid the
sales pitch of most of the vendors. But, one of the vendors caught my eye and I was drawn into their booth.

Ag More Than Ever's booth was not eye catching, nor were they handing out freebies. THEY WERE
SELLING T SHIRTS FOR $5. That was enough to drag me off the main concourse into their booth. Now don't misunderstand me. There was nothing wrong with their booth and there may have been freebies but being the frugal person that I am, all I noticed was the t-shirts. How could I not get drawn in by farm t-shirts at that price.

Now was my chance to get myself another t-shirt that would promote agriculture.( My passion for agriculture is not a secret) The lady behind the tables was my kind of person. She didn't give me a sales pitch or push anything. She simply told me about Ag More Than Ever. Promotion of agriculture was their objective. I asked how they could possibly sell t-shirts for such a reasonable price. She said their purpose was to promote agriculture not to make money. The more she talked, the more I liked what she had to say.

I bought two t-shirts. One for my grandson and one for myself. I don't know if he will farm but its up to me to make him aware of where his food comes from. I wear my t-shirt proudly and am willing to
promote agriculture any way that I am able.

If you ate today, thank a farmer.