Tuesday, 14 January 2014

                                                    Keep Me Going

I snapped this photo last summer on my daily bike ride. I love the fact that there are
more than one or two gravity wagons in one place. The wagons are on a hill. That's
why the picture looks like it is tipped. I knew  the wagons wouldn't be there
for long as harvest time was just around the corner.

Each day I looked for the wagons as the summer progressed. By mid August they
were gone. Out in the fields being loaded with wheat and hauled to the farm or
feed mill for storage or sale.  My bike ride wasn't the same after that but I
had the pleasure of watching the combine harvest the soybean field in this
photo. My farmer's heart was happy for one more day.

 As I pass by this area on my commute from work I enjoy the winter season
 with its snow covered fields- a time of rest. I equally enjoy spring with its
 new beginnings, summer with crops growth and fall with the harvest season.

Its the little things in life that count. The ones I look forward to every day.
The things that keep me going.



  1. love it. and guess what? the ending lends itself to poetry;)

    1. See Janet Martin I am looking out for you and I don't even know it. Thanks for following my blogs.