Thursday, 16 January 2014


                                                                My New Ride (I Wish)

I really enjoy seeing any type of farm machinery in my daily travels. Whether its in the
fields, on the road or parked like this one in a horse and buggy parking space in Elmira.
I was fumbling with my flip phone trying to get a picture of the tractor and
didn't even notice my daughter get out of her vehicle and walk up to me. I was so
into the tractor as MF is my favourite tractor. Its a common occurrence to see tractors
parked in Elmira. I wanted a photo of this one to post on my Facebook page.
"Muther, you didn't even notice me did you?" my daughter questioned.
I had to admit to her I didn't. She knows how technologically impaired I am so she
whips out her I-phone, takes a photo and tells me she'll send it to me. She's on her
way back to work so I thank her and say I'll talk to her later.
My mind gets one crazy thought going threw it.  I would love to own a
tractor like this and drive it to town to do my banking, eat a quick lunch and go back
to my farm and work for the rest of the day. What a wonderful thought and maybe, just
maybe, some day that will happen.

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