Thursday, 29 May 2014

Tree Hide Away

With the beautiful spring weather outside, I have taken the opportunity to get back on my
 bicycle. Farther and faster into new territory, are the goals I have set until the snow flies

This hollowed out tree, I believe, was at one time, home to some of God's creatures. Now
 it is a place where teens can sneak out of the house, away from Mom and Dad and have
 their own little  fire. I'm sure other things are happening in the base of the tree but I see
 no evidence of it.

The rotting of the tree at the base caught my eye last year. As I approached the cave I
was cautious, expecting an animal of some sort to jump out at me. Thank goodness none
 did and I can enjoy the beauty carved out of this tree.

Bicycle riding, not only provides an opportunity to see new sites, it also provides exercise
 and fresh air. Oil up your chains, pump up your tires and escape into the great outdoors.
 Don't forget your camera!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Final Rays

                                                        Final Rays

The setting sun casts its final rays of the day across the barn's face. A glorious spring
day, finished. Darkness, slowly creeps across the landscape.  Evening, a time for
 rest and reflection. Rejuvenation for the day next. Hope for days to follow.

Monday, 12 May 2014



As spring nears I get restless and my hands itch. The garden calls me to come and plant. Manure
 spread on the land, announces spring is in the air. The smell clears my lungs. Fresh cultivated
 soil smells, tickle my nose.  The rumble of tires from large farm equipment on asphalt,
 catches my attention. I wave to a neighbour.

My son works full-time at an off farm job. After hours he's a cash crop farmer. Spring came
 late for farmers this year. The push is on to get the land ready for seeding.

Knowing my son will put meals at the bottom of the "to do" list, I offer to bring him supper.
He's working local so I'm able to connect with him. Spreading manure is not the most glamorous job in farming, but I'll take any time I can spend with him.  (Really, I want to be in his position...
.a farmer). 

From the buddy seat of the tractor and the landing outside the cab, I watch my son load manure
into the spreader. The passion I see in his eyes for farming overwhelms me. Inside I'm bursting
 with pride.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spring Lake

On my day off, I'm usually found searching for photo opps to write about in my blog. Today
 was no exception. My plans for todays blog was to find fields to photograph and show how
 far spring is progressing.

The top photo is on the left side of the road and the bottom photo on the right side of the same
 road. With some drying weather the field in the top photo will be ready for cultivating and
 planting. The field in the bottom photo was seeded in the fall and seedlings have emerged. It
 will be a long time before what I call "Spring Lake" dries up for the summer.

Normally at this time of year, the roar of tractor's engines can be heard in the night air until the
 wee hours of the morning. The harsh winter, late spring and plenty of moisture have delayed
 planting by a number of weeks.

 The sunshine and warmer days bring hope. Hope of a good year for farmers. Good weather, bountiful crops and decent prices.