Monday, 27 January 2014


     "Why don't we embrace snow days for exactly what they are; a rite of passage, a part of being Canadian. The snow day should be put on a stamp."
                                    Rick Mercer                    

                                                           Snow Day

Another snow day in Wellington County. One of many since winter started. Its a true Canadian winter this year. Plenty of snow, wind and ice. Temperatures hovering below normal. Wind chill
factors pushing temperatures lower.

As Canadians our lives center around the weather. Its one of the first topics mentioned in conversations after greetings have been exchanged. On most occasions we grumble about
the weather. Its too cold, too snowy or too windy. We never seem to be satisfied.

Winter is a beautiful time of the year. Spend some time outdoors enjoying its
beauty on our next snow day. It only lasts a few months so take advantage of the opportunity
every chance you get.

Why not embrace snow days like Rick Mercer suggests. They are a rite of passage and part
of being Canadian.  The snow day on a stamp? Why not....its Canadian!


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