Monday, 20 January 2014

                                                          Who Would Have Thought

I never dreamed that gravity wagons would be the highlight of my blog posts. I drove by the field
that had the gravity wagons in it from a previous blog.There was one lonely wagon in
the middle of the field. It may have a flat tire or may be just wasn't needed this past harvest.
It got me thinking about how much I miss seeing those wagons.

This morning as I gaze out my kitchen window at the farm next door I realize there is a row
of gravity wagons lined up by the shed. How could I possibly have missed them? Maybe it was
the poor visibility due to blowing snow or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. There they are
all lined up in a row.

I put on my insulated coveralls, big green boots, heavy mittens and toque. With my
camera in my pocket I climb threw the snowdrifts on my country property to the fence
line. Even though my camera is small I manage to get a photo. Its a cold walk back to
the warmth of my house but the sunshine is beautiful.


  1. Hey sweet friend, for our dear writer's group leader's sake I will 'threw/throw' this out to you...threw the drift or through the drift:0 I hope you do the same for me when I oops:):)

    I thought of you yesterday when we passed a field on this road... Take the road from Alma to Hwy 6, then continue straight through. Follow until you hit a ‘T’ in the road,, and then turn right onto Jones Baseline. Drive about 500 m and then turn left onto Sideroad 20. Go about 7 miles until you reach 7th Line...somewhere on that road is a field with a combine and gravity bins stranded in a half-harvested field. Would be such a cool shot if you're up for a drive!

    Way to blog, girl! enjoying.

    1. Janet...thanks so much for letting me know about my OOPS. I always struggle with that one.
      My son's new farm is on Sideroad 20 but not that far. I will take a trip out there. Thanks for the tip.

    2. :) we were at a B-day party out that way on Sun. Our friends bought Burnside Farms(or part of it) on that road.

    3. I knew Burnside Farms were looking at selling some things off a while back. Great that your friends were able to buy. I am going that way on Saturday and I will check it out. Thanks.