Saturday, 19 July 2014

What happened?

What happened to the days when everyone knew the words to Old McDonald Had
A Farm? Children learned the names of all farm animals and what noises they made.
The days when milk came fresh from a cow and eggs were gathered  every morning.
 There was pride in meals, where everything on the table was produced on the farm.
Shop local wasn't a trend, it was the norm. Foodstuffs from other countries were
rare and a treat on special occasions.

Then things changed drastically. Children were taught that milk and eggs came from
 the grocery store. Most had never seen a cow or a chicken. A few learned that brown
cows gave chocolate milk and brown eggs were healthier than white eggs. Imported
foods came to grocery stores cheaper than locally grown or raised.

A revival has been seen in shopping locally. Education of non farm children and adults
 on where their food comes from, is on the rise. Consumers want to know where the
 food they are buying is grown or raised. Demand for  more locally grown products
is now the trend.

Will the trend continue? I hope its not a trend and shop local becomes the norm again.
Where neighbours support each other and people take pride in what they do.

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