Thursday, 10 September 2015

Farm Facts

This past Saturday, I was blessed to enjoy the company of my daughter and son in law on a slow moving rig. Not this particular outfit but one that runs on water. Last fall I won a cruise on the Grand River which runs out of the Caledonia area.
During the cruise, the captain commented on the history of the area. Believe it or not, one farm that runs along the banks of  the river housed a 15 foot rooster. This is no Chicken Little joke!  One of the owners of the property  recently celebrated his 50th birthday. The family presented him with the statue of the enormous fowl. He liked it so much, he bought it.
This family is the largest poultry producer in Canada. They have 136,000 layer hens, sell 1.5 Million turkeys to Zehrs over the Christmas/New Years time period and have a 3 year contract with McDonalds in Southern Ontario to supply meat for Chicken McNuggets. If my memory is correct the family houses 5 Million broilers. They have farms all over Ontario and are rumoured to be building a 7 storey barn in the Paris area.
Hard to get your head around these facts? They are really impressive!

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