Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dirt in Your Shoes

There are many great photos with sayings attached on websites from every country in the world. One could post a new shot each day and still find an endless supply the following day. Far too many to chose from, but, once in a while one pops up that truly describes who a person really is. The woman in the picture could be yours truly. Out in the field checking the crops is where I can be found. While driving to work, checks are made on my neighbours crops. It's just one continuous crop tour. Not only are field crops on the look at list- apple orchards, vegetable gardens and flower beds catch the two eyes that should be looking straight ahead and minding the rules of the road. Then the wandering eyes of this country bumpkin will catch the red paint of a Massey-Ferguson or the blue on a new F150. No worries, "Cautious and Slow " are  my middle names when driving. There's just too much to observe.
Dirt in the Shoes- Guilty as charged. Born with dirt in the shoes, farm raised and still carrying that little bit around every day. The shoe dirt attaches itself to the insides and outsides of any shoes worn on the two feet I walk around on. Will I ever endeavour to remove the dirt? Not a chance!


  1. ...and it's the cleanest dirt there is! :) enjoyed.
    and know exactly what you mean! I think I have the same dirt in my shoes;-))

  2. Thanks Janet. You sure do have the same dirt. xo