Friday, 1 July 2016

Proud Canadian

HAPPY CANADA DAY! I am so blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. There are so many words that describe Canada. For me its the  vast open spaces, beauty of the land and  the freedom to live one's life. My life consists of faith, family, farming and friends. I love the fact that Canadians are known for saying sorry and eh! We constantly talk about the weather. By the way, a much needed  rain is falling as I type. YEAH!!! Hockey and lacrosse, the two national sports, rock! The beaver our nation's animal is truly symbolic of  hard working Canadian men and women. The Maple Leaf adorning our countries flag- does any country have a better looking flag? No way! Who else would name their currency a" loonie"?  Canadian treats including  maple syrup, poutine and beavertails. YUMMY! This unique country should be celebrated everyday. Start today by  attending Canada Day celebrations in your area. HAPPY 149th BIRTHDAY CANADA!

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