Monday, 22 September 2014

Twice Blessed

It happened to me again and I am feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to be published in The Chicken Soup Series of Books for a second time. As you may recall, the first time I received this honour was August 2013 when my story From Worker to Owner  was published in From Lemons to Lemonade.

The Farmers' Parade of Lights, is the title of my latest story. Books will be available for sale from me after the publication date of Oct 14, 2014. Because this is my second title with this amazing company, I am selling the books for $15.00 each (no tax). Normally, I would be selling them for $16.95( no tax), but everyone has been so supportive of my writing, that I would like to show my appreciation by selling my books at a lower price.

As a side note- this book is Canadian. Shop local and thank you for supporting Canadian writers.

Caroline Sealey aka The Overalled Story Teller

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