Thursday, 12 March 2015

Winter Project

Over Christmas while house sitting, I had time to piece together this puzzle. Puzzle building is like an addiction. Once you connect the first two pieces together you can't stop. With me, it's always just one more piece and then I'll do something else. A lot of the time I look at the clock and its hours later since I said, "Just one more piece or I know where that goes". The thrill of finding the next piece that fits, keeps me going. Starting with the frame is easy. Anything that is easy to assemble is my next step. I'm not sure why and I should really change my strategy when it comes to puzzle building but I don't. I always leave the large, same colour pieces like sky, trees, grass or water to the end. It makes for a real tedious task. No complaints, though, when the last piece is fitted, I step back and look at the finished product and smile.

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  1. I love puzzle-building too!

    also thought of you just now as I read/listened to this excellent essay on story-telling! here is the link;