Saturday, 22 February 2014

                                                                Ringette Memories

     After work on Friday, I packed a few belongings and headed to King Township to
     spend part of the weekend with my daughter, Mamie, and her hubby, Jordan. Mamie
     was playing in a Ringette Tournament that started on Friday night. I looked forward
      to seeing her on the ice again. Mamie started playing ringette at the age of eight and
      remained active in the sport for a number of years. Hockey, then became forefront
      in her life, but she returned to ringette this year.

      Mamie  shared with me earlier in the day, that her cousin (my niece) Paula was to join
       Mamie's ringette team that night as the team was a player short. Mamie and Paula grew
      up together playing on the same ringette team. I was blessed to have been able to enjoy
      those years.

      As I sat in the stands with Mamie's husband, I shared memories of ringette games from
      the past. Unforgettable moments that filled her childhood. On the ice pad in
      front of me, a team of younger girls had started their game. My eyes filled with tears,
      as I found it hard to believe that Mamie was that age not so long ago.


     An hour later Mamie's team took to the ice to warm up. I didn't need to know her jersey
     number as it was easy for me to pick her out from among her team mates. She hadn't
      lost any of her ringette skills. The familiar stroke of her skate blades and the snap of her
     wrists that sent a shot high into the net, hadn't been lost over the years.

      Tears slid down my cheeks as the King Township sign faded from sight in the rear
       view mirror of my truck. Memories of  years gone by and new memories created this
      past weekend, played out before my eyes. Moments made to cherish.




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