Thursday, 13 February 2014


                                                               Sun's Rays

     Today was a beautiful day for a walk. I grabbed my little camera and truck keys and headed
out to a  quiet part of the country. A "No Winter Maintenance Beyond This Point" road was my destination. The road had been plowed to the first and only house on the road. I parked on the side
of the plowed portion and began my walk.

     It wasn't a particularly interesting road from a photographer's view but I enjoyed the lack
of vehicles and quietness. I walked to the edge of the unplowed portion and spotted two woodpeckers in search of a branch suitable for pecking. The snow looked deep on the unplowed portion but I decided to continue on. A jack rabbit scurried along the ditch as I had disrupted his routine.

     I followed a snowmobile trail for half a mile before I stopped and took this photo. My intention
was to write about the snowmobile trail and where it might lead. When I returned home and downloaded my photos onto the computer I knew the snowmobile story would have to wait. My
little camera had captured the sun's rays. I was shocked as I had not been able to do this before.

     My winter excursion turned out better than I ever could have imagined. The beautiful sunshine
warms the heart and soul. A promise that spring is just around the corner.



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