Thursday, 27 February 2014

Winter Project


One of my winter projects is puzzle building. The challenge of completing the puzzle thrills
me. I usually build the border first and then choose an unusual shape or colourful object to
build next. The large parts like water, grass and sky usually get left to the last. They take a long time to complete and I want instant gratification with smaller areas.

In this puzzle I chose to work on the quilts first. That challenge complete I took a try at the
 barns and silos, my second choice. Sheep, my favourite farm animal came together easily.
 The large tree on the right, a challenge in itself, came together without too much frustration.
 Not so easy, the variety of flowers. With each piece the puzzle began to take shape. Lastly,
the water, trees and sky. My puzzle is complete.

Due to poor weather conditions, I am home for the day. Today is the day I photograph
my puzzle and take it apart. I think about all the hours it took to build the puzzle as I  drop each individual piece into a plastic bag. With the lid on the box and puzzle pieces safe inside, I think
about who I could give this puzzle to. My next challenge.

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